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The essay about scientific school "Computer design in information environment of Internet and Grid”

Established in the 70th of the last century at the Faculty of Electronics NTUU "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute".

Founders: prof., Dr.t.s Sikorsky Vitaliy, Honored Worker of Science of Ukraine, and prof., Dr.t.s.Petrenko Anatoliy, Honored Worker of Science of Ukraine, Laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine.

Vitaliy Sikorsky

Vitaliy Sikorsky (1922 - 2007) - Soviet and Ukrainian physicist electronics, PhD (1959), Professor of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. Sikorsky published 375 scientific transactions, including 24 monographs and books, some of which were published abroad. Among them, "The General Theory of quadrupole", "Methods of analysis of electrical circuits multi polar elements", "Analysis of Electronic Circuits", "multivalued discrete elements of technology" , "Matrices and Graphs in electronics", "Algorithms analysis of electronic circuits" "Fundamentals of the theory of electronic circuits" (co-authored with A. Smith), "The mathematical instrument of the engineer". He prepared 30 candidates and 9 doctors of technical sciences.

Anatoliy  Petrenko

Anatoliy Petrenko ( date of birth 1935 ) – recognized in the country and the world scientist in the field of Computer Aided Design and High Performance Computing, Head of the Department System Design NTUU "KPI". Petrenko A. has prepared 52 candidates and 6 PhD, has 44 inventions and 2 patents, has published 460 scientific papers, including 29 monographs, books and teaching aids. Among them, "Algorithmic analysis of electronic circuits" (US, 1975), "Fundamentals of the theory of electronic circuits" (co-authored with Sikorsky VP), "Fundamentals of CAD", "Fundamentals of CAD", "ALLTED" - a Computer -Aided Engineering System for Electronic Circuit Design "(Authors, Australia, 1997)," Basics of Electronic Circuits Computer - Aided Design "(Korea, 2000)," Numerical methods in science "(in collaboration with Feldman L., Dmitrieva O.), "Introduction to Grid technologies in science and education", "The Semantic Grid in science and education" (co-authored with Bulakh B., Hondarom V.), "Workshop on Grid technologies" (co-authored with Svistunov S., Kiselev G.)

Well-known members of the research school

During the period school has defended 89 master's and 16 PhD theses. Among the school are professors of NTUU "KPI": Kalnibolotsky Y., Molchanov A., Denbnovetsky S. , Abakumov V., Slipchenko V. , Globa L., Rogoza V., Lukyanenko S., Timofeev V.; Professors those are working abroad Tetelbaum O., Chkalov V. and many others.

The main achievements of the scientific school

Scientific school of KPI design computerization was one of the main founders of the country's new direction in science relating to the creation of comput¬er-aided design, design of collective intellectual environment in grid, one of the organizers of training specialist in this area.

Were proposed, researched and implemented new methods of modeling and optimization heterogeneous nonlinear technical objects, methodology and principles of distributed software and hardware systems, organization design collective intellectual environment in Grid, aided design and adapt them to the real problems of different classes, and more.


The example of assembly route planning in complex interdisciplinary WEB-ALLTED, wich operates in grid environment

Established national Ukrainian technical systems for design circuit NetALLTED (ALL Technology Designer), part of which may be electronic components, mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical subsystem. The system is based on the original numerical algorithms that the majority of little known Western users, and that compares favorably with existing Western counterparts, such as Pspice (Microsim Corp. USA), Saber (Analogy Corp. USA). The system is implemented in Grid environment and allows you to combine the work of several groups of experts to solve problems in various stages of planning.

The current state of scientific school

Scientific school NTUU "KPI" in computerization design is known for its significant achievements in the field of Grid technologies and their implementation in Ukraine, in particular, for the purposes of computer-aided design. Today is one of the country's largest grid projects targeted state programs "Implementation of Grid technologies in Ukraine in 2009-2013 years", namely "Interdisciplinary complex of optimal mathematical design in grid environment with automatic forming and solving equations corresponding mathematical models", which satisfy the needs of a wide range of scientists in mass mathematical modeling and computer support research.

Place in the world of science

Ukrainian school of computerization design is accepted in the world. This is evidenced by a lot of :

  • translation and publication in the US, Bulgaria, Australia and Korea 4 monographs prepared by the Scientific School;
  • inviting representatives of the school in 2010 to participate in the project FP7-PEOPLE-2010- IRSES "Developing Multidomain MEMS Models for Educational Purposes (EduMEMS)" Framework Program of the European FW7 (Partners France, Belgium, Poland);
  • direct implementation of long-term contracts with companies: Intel (1992- 2002 years), General Electric (2001), IBM (2008), Panasonic (2006), Samsung approved batteries (since 2008);
  • invitation prof. Petrenko A. for scientific seminars and lectures to California University (Berkeley, USA, 1976), Michigan State University (USA, 1991), Concordia University (Montreal, Canada, 1993), New Jersey Institute of Technology (USA, 1995), Hong Kong University (1997), Sun-Moon University (Korea, 1998), Pohang University of Science and Technology (Korea, 2000) Magdeburg (2003) and Ilmenau (2009) universities in Germany;
  • choosing prof. Petrenko A. as adjunct-professor to Michigan State University (USA, 1994), Honorable Professor of Middle South University of China (2001), Honorable Member (Fellow) Institute of Electric Engineers (IEE).

Prof. A.I.Petrenko (to the left) at the International Exhibition in particular, СeBIT-09

Prof. A.I.Petrenko (to the left) at the International Exhibition in particular, СeBIT-09